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Professionally, I am a Computer Scientist specialised in cybersecurity, with a focus on designing secure systems, analysing attacks, and proposing effective countermeasures. I hold a PhD in Computer Science, with a dissertation on enforcing integrity properties of programmes through introspection. My professional experience spans academia (University of Pisa, Imperial College London, and Royal Holloway - University of London), research centres (IBM Research and the Italian National Research Centre), and industry (Finmatica and Huawei). In everything I do, I am driven by curiosity and a passion for undertaking challenging and interesting problems with the goal of having fun and learning


Our paper, "Identifying Authorship in Malicious Binaries: Features, Challenges & Datasets", has been accepted at the ACM Computing Surveys! Authors: Jason Gray, Daniele Sgandurra, Lorenzo Cavallaro, Jorge Blasco.

Our paper, "Protecting Voice-Controllable Devices Against Self-Issued Voice Commands", has been accepted at the 8th IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy! Authors: Sergio Esposito, Daniele Sgandurra, Giampaolo Bella.

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