Phook Logo

Phook stands for "Photo-book" and is a free Social Photo Search Engine. It allows users to search inside thousands of social photos of friends very easily.

The user goes on and logs in using his/her social network credential. Then, from the Phook homepage he/she inserts one or more keywords: at this point, Phook searches inside the social photo database and shows to the user those ones that better matche the user search. For example, by searching the words "beach" or "Halloween", Phook shows all the photos that include beaches or halloween as their topics. In addition, all albums that contain those words are visualised as well. Finally, also the name of people or cities can be searched inside Phook so that the user is able to see all the pictures of those people or cities, both tagged or not.

Feel free to try Phook out by following this link or from the official Facebook App-store and start your search, and let us know your opinion about it! Phook is Web application designed and developed by Daniele Sgandurra and Gianpiero Costantino.